New Sites That I Am Testing

Here are some sites that I have recently found  and have joined. I am currently evaluating them and will update the info as time goes along.

These will be either added to the appropriate existing page or removed altogether once I've had time to evaluate them. If you've been checking in, you will notice that this list size fluctuates greatly, I only put the best of the best on my pages. If you see that my earnings on these banners are low, that's because I just signed up and am still checking these sites, watch the totals go up!
Check back often to see what's new!


Get paid to complete offers at The Cash Grab!


Search & Win

New online virtual currency in beta testing. $100 free in your account just for signing up and then $25 for each referral. They also offer variable payments for participating in the website. I'm giving it a try, why don't you?
Update:  I'm getting anywhere from $8 - $20 a day just for logging in and being a bit active, about 5 minutes a day.


Minimum Cash Out Is:
Estimated Time To Reach Minimum Cash Out:

The Best Deal Yet
This is a brand new site getting ready to launch. They pay between $25-$35 an hour, 10% on referrals and minimum cash out is 1 cent.