Top 7 Survey/Focus Groups/Polls Sites

I know, I know, sounds too good to be true right?  Someone is actually going to pay you to tell them what you think?  What a wonderful world we live in!  There is a fantastic array of companies out there who do just this. They do this in the form of surveys, focus groups and polls.  The amount you can make varies with each, usually depending on the length of time each takes to complete.  Sometimes you will even get the opportunity to test new products.  (I know, right!  You get paid to give your opinion and get Free stuff too!)  

1.  My favorite has to be Opinion Outpost
You earn points which are then redeemed for Amazon gift codes, who doesn't love to shop at Amazon!  They have a low cash out, ($5), surveys credit quickly and codes are emailed immediately. I get tons of surveys from them and usually qualify for about 75% of them. This is a surveys/focus groups only site.  I usually make at least $50 a month here (not counting referrals).

2.  SurveyHead . Loads of survey opportunities here.  Cash out minimum is $1.50 and cash out is $25 for
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I usually make about $75  . (no referral program).

3.  E-Rewards Good dollar values here and they pay you a bit even if you don't qualify for a survey as well as for updating your profile information.  I usually make about $25 a month here (no referral program).

4. E Poll Short fun polls with good dollar amounts.  I usually make about $25 a month here (no referral program).

5Global Test Market.  Frequent survey opportunities with good dollar amounts.  $50 minimum cash out.  I usually make about $25 a month here (not including referrals).

6. SurveySpot   .  Frequent survey opportunities here. INSTANT payments via PayPal!  $10 minimum cash out.   I usually make about $40 a month here (no referral program).

7. Survey Savvy Minimum payout is $1 and payable by check.

I usually make about $275-$300 a month with these 7 programs not counting referrals.  With referrals, my income is significantly higher.