Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Do You Know The Difference Between Feather Pillows+Down Pillows? Let Me Tell You A Little Story...

This morning, I was awakened by a little white feather tickling my nose. I got up and starting noticing that room by room I was seeing more of these pesky little white feathers. I discovered that my daughter was sleeping on the couch and lough and behold, her hair was full of little white feathers.
As I started down the dark hallway to turn off the heat, I felt something, lots of somethings actually, swirling and tickling around my ankles and calves. I turned on the hall light to discover a lovely mist of those little white feathers floating around me.
Just then the heat cut on, (the return air is at the end of this hall),and what was an 18 inch drift of those little white feathers in front of the return air became a flowing pea soup fog enveloping me.
Please keep in mind, I've been awake for all of 90 seconds at this point and my nicotine deprived brain is seriously wondering if this is all some strange dream caused by the fun size pack of skittles I had right before I dozed off last night.
Apparently, my children, in their Halloween candy sugar rush, decided that it would be a great idea to have a pillow fight with my daughter's down pillows. Mind you, this was after John and I were already in bed and asleep and they were supposed to be too.
I must say, I can clearly see the difference between regular feather pillows and 90 % down pillows. The feathers vacuum up just fine. The down turns into an absolute, lighter than air swirling blizzard with zero visibility when you try to vacuum it. The feathers stay in the garbage bag when you empty the vacuum canister, the down erupts like Mt. Vesuvius when you TRY to put it in the garbage bag. The feathers stick to my hair and clothes, the down will fit up my nose. Yes, I am quite a site to see, thank goodness they're isn't anyone here with a camera to take a picture of me...

I've spent 4 hours so far trying to clean up those little white feathers, not sure how many more it will take. I do know that my back yard looks like it's snowing. It's quite windy hear today and that is the only place I can empty the feather's out of my vac's cannister. I wonder what the neighbors think...

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