Thursday, October 20, 2011


Good morning all!  Since we are going to be moving in about 3 weeks, I decided to clear out some clutter and give Ebay a try.  I have listed about $350 worth of items in the past week and so far have sold a little over $100 worth.  Not bad when you consider it's just items lying around my house collecting dust, lol!  Here's a link to my current items up for auction: Ebay if you would like to take a look.  I'm not trying to sell you guys anything, just wanted you to see that I really am new to Ebay and what I've sold.  You probably have a ton of stuff around your house to de-clutter too, so why not give it a try!
It has been really easy to sell on Ebay.  They have wonderful step by step guides for setting up your account and selling.  You can print your shipping labels and packing slips right from Ebay and even arrange for free pickup at your door of your packages right from your selling page, you don't even have to leave the house to mail the packages, I like that!
After we move to our new house, I'm going to go to yard sales and thrift stores to look for more items to resell on Ebay, who couldn't use an extra $100 a week in their pocket?
Yes, Ebay does have an affiliate program!  If you own your own website, you should take advantage of their program.  You can check out their program rules here.
More about affiliate programs in my next post!

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